Françoise Morice

Made in Paris Cosmetics....

Modern cosmetics would be very different without kinésithérapeutes René et Françoise Morice who actively participated in the recognition of beauty therapists as a profession and it’s place in our daily life. The founding of the first French beauty therapist school on the emblematic street ‘rue François 1er’ in Paris as well as the creation of a range of cosmetic products by the couple has led to a reputation that is a reference in the history of Esthetism.

Prized cosmetic products

Françoise Morice products profit from natures most precious resources (floral waters, natural marine and plant extracts, vitamins and trace minerals) as well as from constant search for the highest quality and in the search for the most natural compositions for products. Nature presenting optimal results and preserving beauty.

Exclusive care!

Personalized and authentic care in the defined steps adapted to each individuals skin type. The preservation of your skin’s youth and radiance are goals Françoise Morice attains through this technique
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